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Since I graduated from the university, I’ve been learning so many programs on the internet on how to make quick cash online. I try so many funny get-me-rich schemes but had no luck on my side, one day I came across an affiliate marketing course and I develop an interest in how the entire system works.

At first, it was difficult to understand how to go about affiliate marketing based on my personal challenges, payment system, location, and lack of knowledge in relevant online areas that help any affiliate marketer to succeed online.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself, my name is Engr. Okoduwa E. Augustus, I prefer you call me Ehos. I graduated from one of the best federal universities in Nigeria as a civil engineer with good grades and I have achieved great success in the engineering sector, one of my works is the development of a house plan market where buyers and sellers meet to buy house plans.

My love for the online world push me to find more ways on how I can make i legit income online while sleeping, and that quest lead me to study so many related courses that help me today in my affiliate website.

I first heard about affiliate marketing in 2015 and even managed to sign up for Clickbank and other affiliate marketplace back then, with the belief that I will make money easily.

But regrettably, I had no guides to follow so I had zero clue what I was supposed to do and later that year I lost interest in affiliate marketing. but guess what? In 2018 I develop my first website, I paid someone to do it for me, it is a website where I send bulk sms to clients and in return get paid. After one year I notice my site is not being on the Google search network and that lead me to study how my website will be seen on the first page of Google.

Fast-forward to 2020, This time I have already learned some useful tools and developed my second website house plan market with the help of those basic tools myself, within six months period I have been able to make my website rank on the first page on Google.

This great success motivated me to look deep into how I can achieve success in affiliate marketing, I knew people were making money online and it’s something I had always wanted to do as well.

So I put up more effort on Google skills courses and literally spent a week researching legit ways to make money online. I didn’t want to get scammed.

Eventually, I found a platform with a good reputation for teaching affiliate marketing. It was just what I was looking for and I decided to go all in. The first 6 months were spent in self-misery, but also in improving & building up systems so I can make this work. before the end of my first 3 months, I made my first commission.

At that point, I knew I could make this work as long as I work in the right direction. Now in 2023, this year marks my 3-year anniversary.

Right now I have increased the traffic to my house plan websites to about 10000 visitors per month and I ran an affiliate website where I teach simple technics on how you can develop your affiliate website to grow rapid traffic and earn money online

Admittedly, I’m not quite yet at my income goal of $4,000/month, but I’m getting closer each day and hope to pass it next year. Despite that, the sites I have allow me to live the life I’ve always envisioned for myself.

For me, it’s enough that I don’t have to worry about money in general. I’m happy just for being able to wake up whenever I want, enjoy hanging out to relax at cool spot drinking, check my overnight earnings, work 4-5 hours a day, do some reading, spend time on my hobbies, and go to sleep excited for a new day.

This is the kind of lifestyle I preach to all my students and I want you to know that it is possible for anyone with a bit of guidance and effort to succeed in the online affiliate marketing business.

I say that because I’m willing to bet most people under the hood are not looking for a millionaire lifestyle either. A simple 5-6-figure income with freedom and not having to worry about money would be enough to satisfy most.

If you would like to follow my step-by-step approach, I will suggest you read through my free e-book and video training guide.

Thanks for reading my about page and I hope to see you on the other side!

See you on
the inside,


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