A little more about Me?

Hey – it’s Ebhos here!

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A Little About Me

Since graduating from university, I've explored numerous online programs to make quick cash. Despite trying various get-rich-quick schemes, luck wasn't on my side. However, my curiosity led me to an affiliate marketing course, and I became fascinated with the system's workings.

Understanding affiliate marketing was initially challenging due to personal hurdles like payment systems, my location, and a lack of relevant online knowledge. But perseverance paid off.

Let me introduce myself properly. My name is Engr. Okoduwa E. Augustus, but you can call me Ebhos. I graduated as a civil engineer from one of Nigeria’s top federal universities with good grades. I've achieved significant success in the engineering sector, including developing a marketplace for house plans where buyers and sellers can connect.

My Journey to Affiliate Marketing

My love for the online world pushed me to find legitimate ways to make income while sleeping. This quest led me to study various related courses that now support my affiliate website. In 2015, I first encountered affiliate marketing and signed up for Clickbank and other marketplaces, believing I’d make money easily. However, without guidance, I was clueless and soon lost interest.

In 2018, I developed my first website—a bulk SMS service where I earned by sending messages to clients. A year later, I realized my site wasn't ranking on Google, prompting me to learn how to improve its visibility. By 2020, I had gained useful skills and created my second website, House Plan Market, which I successfully ranked on Google's first page within six months.

This success motivated me to delve deeper into affiliate marketing. Knowing others were making money online, I wanted to do the same. I dedicated myself to Google skills courses and researched legitimate ways to earn money online. Eventually, I found a reputable platform that taught affiliate marketing, and I decided to commit fully.

Building Success

The first six months were tough, filled with self-doubt and hard work to build the right systems. But by the end of the third month, I made my first commission. That moment proved that with the right direction, I could succeed.

Now, in 2023, I’m celebrating three years in the affiliate marketing business. My House Plan Market website attracts around 10,000 visitors per month, and I run an affiliate site teaching others how to develop their websites to grow traffic and earn money.

Living the Dream

Although I haven't yet reached my income goal of $4,000 per month, I’m getting closer each day. My websites provide a lifestyle I've always envisioned: financial stability, waking up whenever I want, relaxing at cool spots, checking my overnight earnings, working 4-5 hours a day, enjoying hobbies, and looking forward to each new day.

This is the lifestyle I promote to my students. I believe anyone can succeed in online affiliate marketing with the right guidance and effort. Most people don’t seek a millionaire lifestyle but a simple 5-6-figure income with freedom and financial peace of mind.

Join Me

If you'd like to follow my step-by-step approach, I recommend reading my free e-book and video training guide. Thanks for reading my About page, and I hope to see you on the other side!

See you on the inside, Ebhos LernCLICKS.com


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