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14+ Best Wall Finishes Materials for Modern House Design

Building construction in Nigeria has gone into more competitive construction methods before now homeowners do not bother about the finishes of their wall materials needed to make their house plan construction stand out among others.

The major reason is that most house plan construction only comes with 2D elevations and other important sections for house plan construction purposes.

Presently, with the popular trend of 3D house plan models online, the quest for quality wall materials finishes for both interior and exterior wall surfaces area has been on the increase.

For this reason, i will be explaining some good quality wall finishes materials for modern houses that can make your house design projects stand out among others.

Good Quality Wall Finishes Materials For Modern Houses


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This wall materials can be trace back to old construction practice, it is a type of block that is commonly gotten from clay material and molded into acceptable construction shape and sizes.

It can be combine with different chemicals materials to give desirable strength and also be use for both interior and exterior construction purposes.

Nowadays bricks have been processed to have good quality finished facade which comes with variety of colors and styles that can be installed on your masonry wall to give a perfect look like the Avante walling system. 

The good side of bricks wall materials  is that it is energy efficient and can insulate you home from high or low temperature, it can equally reduces the maintenance cost greatly in the long run.

The down side of using brick as a wall materials is that it is not really suitable in an environment that is prone to hurricane or area where the flood level is extremely to high due to its properties.

Wood Paneling

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This type of wall materials is predominantly use for house plan construction in the western world due to their climatic weather condition and availability of good quality wood materials compare to cost of concrete.

Currently because of the aesthetic nature of the wood most African country have started combining wood panel to their home interior to give it an extra and good quality finishes.

You can get different types of wood paneling in unique colors and styles for your house plan or building construction work. The down side of it is that it might not be too ideal for exterior purpose especially in area where the rain fall is excessive.

Natural Stones

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Natural stones can be used as wall materials in any house plan construction, it is very versatile, durable and comes in different styles, shapes, sizes and colors just like the ones in eco outdoors.

It can be used for both interior and exterior wall cladding but it is mostly used for exterior purposes in Nigeria. If you want a natural feel for the facade view of your house plan project, stone walling will be the best option for you.

Though it can be little expensive compare to others wall material, but you can be sure it will bring out the beauty and superb finishes your house plan project needs.

Masonry Concrete block

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This is the most commonly used wall materials in Nigeria and most African countries. It is very suitable for foundation work and super structural work.

It is a combination of cement, water and fine aggregate(sand), you can have it in different shapes, styles( solid and hole blocks ) and sizes and it is the cheapest wall material needed for the construction of most house design ideas.

it is usually combine with others wall materials to give your home a unique and modern finishes. The good side of concrete block is that it can withstand harsh weather, very cost effective and have the ability to resist moisture and sound.

If you are considering starting your house plan project in Nigeria, masonry block wall is your first choice. 

Cast-in-Place Concrete

This is another good construction wall material that involves casting of the wall by pouring concrete into removable formwork in panels, unlike the masonry concrete block that is molded in smaller units.

It is prepare by the use of cement, water, coarse aggregate and re-enforce steel to achieve durability and stability of the house plan design.

Although this wall material type is pretty expensive to achieve in Nigeria but is very suitable in areas where the stability of the soil conditions varies.

You can engage in the construction of this type of wall material if you are in an area that is prone to hurricane or where the price of cement and steel are relatively cheap. The good side of cast in place concrete is that it is very energy efficient, durable, safe and have the ability to resist moisture, sound and fire.

Source : Building Plan Nigeria


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